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Lighting Maintenance Program

At Voss Landscape Lighting, we firmly believe that a lighting system is only as good as its maintenance program. It is important to protect your investment, and with proper care, you will preserve the appearance, quality and lifespan of your system. We provide one year of FREE maintenance for all newly installed systems!

Benefits of our warrantied Landscape Light Maintenance Services

How many homeowners does it take to replace a burned out light? None! Leave it to the professionals to ensure replacements are done safely and correctly! With our maintenance program, you never have to worry about a burned out light ever again!

Just like the lights on your vehicle or the windows on your house, water can cause a dirty film to appear resulting in uneven or dim lighting. We ensure the system shines as bright as the day it was installed! Sometimes fixtures can be bumped or knocked out of place. We ensure fixtures are in the right position and spotted correctly to keep the system looking its best.

Our professional equipment can run diagnostic tests to ensure the existing system is working properly. If something is wrong, we will know about it before it becomes a larger issue.

How Voss Landscape Light Maintenance Compares To Other Landscape Light Maintenance Companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just like your vehicle, the better you take care of it and follow the maintenance program the longer it will last.

Yes, if you are handy it’s not that big of an issue but any work you do is not covered under us. Ps. Just leave it to the professionals

As long as you are on our maintenance program, it’s covered and that means no additional cost to you!


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