Colored Landscape Lighting Lenses

Colored landscape lighting lenses can be a great way to add festive mood to your landscape. They look beautiful when used with other outdoor lighting and are a favorite of homeowners who don’t shy away from color. These lenses come in several different colors and are suitable for any season. Here are a few reasons to consider purchasing some colored lenses for your outdoor lighting system:

Outdoor Christmas Lights
                                                                                         Outdoor Christmas Lights

These lenses can be applied to any type of outdoor lighting to change the color instantly. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, such as red and green for Christmas, blue and green for Hanukkah, and amber for fall. You can also use a variety of colors on a single light to create a unique effect.

The use of color on your outdoor lighting fixtures will help draw attention to any architectural features. It will also highlight unique features such as plant beds, walkways, boulders, and edges. You can also use color to illuminate the water and leaves of a landscape. By strategically placing lights around a lake or pond, you can create a dreamy water scene. You can even place a fixture high in a tree to highlight the intricate branches.

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