Backyard Landscape Lighting

Whether you want to add a lighted bench to your backyard patio or create mood lighting for your entire yard, backyard landscape lighting is a great way to make your property more beautiful. Lighting can help you create a romantic atmosphere and draw attention to special architectural features, including trees, fountains, and a beautiful lawn.

When selecting backyard landscape lighting, consider the following things to consider: the type of lighting you want, as well as where you want to place it. Make sure to consider any existing lights, furniture, trees, shrubs, and other objects. It will be easier to choose the type of lighting you need if you know where you want it to be placed. In addition, you should take into account the height of any trees, shrubs, or foliage you want to illuminate.

You can use spotlights or floodlights. Floodlights cast a wide beam, while spotlights cast a narrow beam. Consider the beam spread of each type of light when planning your yard landscape lighting. Spotlights provide a 15-degree spread of light, while narrow floodlights provide 30 to 60 degrees of coverage.

Backyard Landscape
Backyard Landscape

Ensure that your landscape lighting is rated for outdoor use. Some fixtures can be used indoors, but they do not stand up to the humidity and temperature changes that they will encounter in the outdoors. Also, be sure to choose fixtures that have a downward-focused light, as this will help reduce glare.

Backyard landscape lighting can be a great way to highlight your backyard paths and create focal points in the evening. It can also help increase your home’s security. Adding lighting to these areas will help increase your home’s value, too! Not only will they make your outdoor space more appealing, but they’ll also help keep you and your guests safe.

Your landscape lighting can enhance your outdoor space by highlighting architectural features or prized plants. These can be placed in bushes, rocks, or trees. They can also help your guests find their way around your backyard oasis. You can even use them as safety measures, if your backyard has a pool. If you have a pool, you can even install an underwater light!

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