Corded Landscape Lights

How to Troubleshoot Corded Landscape Lights

If you want to add some outdoor lighting to your landscape, you can choose corded landscape lights. However, these lights come with some problems. For one, the wires can get damaged and you’ll have to replug them. If you’re planning on installing these lights, you should know the ways to troubleshoot them.

One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your outdoor lighting is to use low-voltage lights. These lights run on low voltage and connect to a transformer. This way, there is no chance of getting shocked when using them. And they’re much less expensive than other types of outdoor lighting. Another type of landscape lighting is solar. These lights are powered by a photovoltaic cell, which requires less wiring and require only six to eight hours of sunlight per day. Unlike corded lights, these lights run on a 12-volt power source, which is safer and more convenient for landscape lighting installation. This type of lighting is also easy to install, portable, and requires a GFCI outlet outdoors. The wire used for outdoor landscape lighting comes in different gauges. Some are 12-gauge, while others are 14 or 16 AWG. Choose the wire that best suits your landscape lighting system’s needs. Generally, 12-gauge wire is best for landscape lighting systems that don’t require high voltage.

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